Counter Depth Refrigerator- Your Ultimate Convenience

A counter or cabinet depth refrigerator, in various styles and capacities, is available on the market. This type of refrigerator is aligned flush with standard cabinets and fits in your kitchen counters very well. Normally the sizes range between 25″ to 30″depth, width 35″ to 42″ and height 67″ to 72″. Though these refrigerators provide somewhat smaller capacities in comparison to traditional refrigerators, they occupy less space and come in elegant styles and designs. Normally the capacity of this type varies from 19 to 25 cu ft. However, one should not confuse this type of refrigerator with under cabinet refrigerators which are much smaller and compact units. These are designed to fit beside the cabinet or under the counter. They can be fully enclosed to match with the cabinetry.

Counter depth French door refrigerator aligns the refrigerator flush with standard dimension of cabinets and also combines the benefits of a side by side door with a bottom slide out freezer. This type of refrigerator blends in seamlessly in your kitchen and gives your kitchen a dream look you always wanted. This is provided by Maytag, GE, Aman, etc and various other manufacturers.

refrigeratorA popular brand Kitchen Aid counter depth refrigerator brings in lots of models in the market. Kitchen Aid-Architect series II 20.5 cu ft (Model KBLO36FTX), Architect series II 21.8 cu ft (Model KFCS22EVMS) are some of the bottom mounted counter depth refrigerators introduced by Kitchen Aid in the market.Maytag counter depth refrigerators is another popular brand falling in this category of refrigerators. Normally it is associated with French doors which give the benefit of side by side door along with the elegance of a counter door refrigerator. A popular model Maytag MFC2061HEW is very well known for keeping even temperature has 19.8 cu ft capacity with French doors and sits flush in the cabinet giving a look of a built in refrigerator but having much lesser price than the built in type.

GE counter depth refrigerators, another popular variety, comes in exquisite styles. As per review, GE gives very good food preservation and is very convenient to handle. It also comes with lots of innovative features. A few popular models of GE are PGCS1PJYSS (20.7 cu ft), PGCS1NFYSS. The GE brand is well known for its interesting features, for example model PGCS1NFYSS, easy to reach and read controls, bright and clear lighting inside, and a multi-flow air system to keep the refrigerator evenly cool/.

Another popular type of counter depth refrigerator is Amana counter depth refrigerator. Among various models, a 26 cubic feet messenger refrigerator feature is worth mentioning. Just above the ice and water dispenser, a digital voice recorder has been provided which allows leaving messages by the members of the family. Also alerts are generated for changing the water filter and other different refrigerator functions, by its sophisticated electronic system.