Refrigerators In today’s fast-paced world where everything is instant, where everything needs to be stored, whether on laptops or elsewhere, where would we be without that one indispensable kitchen appliance-the refrigerator? For the modern individual for whom time is at a premium, the refrigerator is a life-saver as it can store, freeze food for weeks to come without fear of it getting spoilt. From being basic chilled boxes with some simple shelves to today’s much more sophisticated and feature-rich models, refrigerators have come a long way. The primary reason for refrigeration, however, remains the same-to keep food from spoiling.

Refrigeration and freezing are two of the most common forms of food preservation. Refrigeration keeps food cold and thus slows down the activity of bacteria so that food doesn’t get spoilt. The basic idea behind refrigeration is to use the evaporation of a liquid or refrigerant to absorb heat. This refrigerant evaporates at an extremely low temperature so that it can create freezing temperature in the refrigerator and thus keep the food cold. The type and size of refrigerator a person needs depends upon the person’s lifestyle, size of the family and the budget.

Side-by-side refrigerators have large freezer capacity and convenient configurations. This is the most popular choice but is also the least energy-efficient type of refrigerator. The second most popular type is the top-freezer refrigerator which tends to have smaller freezer compartments. The freezer is at eye-level, placing the refrigerator at a lower and less convenient place. The upright freezers provide ample storage for all types of frozen goods as well as handy features like adjustable cold control and temperature alarm.

A growing trend is the French door design in the bottom freezer model. The fresh food compartment is accessible with two side-by-side doors (so that you don’t have to open the entire fresh food door).This model is also the most energy-efficient.

Compact refrigerators can fit into a dorm room, a bar area or under a sink. They come with upscale styling and a range of features for specific uses. Counter-depth or built-in refrigerators are still specialty type refrigerators. They are shallower versions of normal refrigerators to fit in with the cabinetry but they tend to be wider than other refrigerators to make up for the loss in depth.

Walk-ins are mainly for industrial purposes, specifically the restaurant industry. Storing large stocks of food and ingredients is a must to keep the business running and domestic refrigerators are inadequate for this purpose. Walk-in refrigerators are basically large rooms that are temperature controlled and contain several cooling zones.

Refrigerators have not only made life simpler at home but also bought about several conveniences at the commercial level as well. We recommend Home Depot, Sears,, Best Buy, and Lowes as good places to explore what’s available or just purchase.